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Do You Lazy Load?

The dividers only reveal themselves (play their animation), when scrolled into view. This works in all modern browsers.

Can I Use This on Multiple Sites?

Only if you purchase a license for each additional domain (Envato-CodeCanyon policy).

What is Your Refund Policy?

If you contacted us about the issue and we can’t fix it, you get a refund. It needs to be initiated on CodeCanyon.

How do I Update?

You need to deactivate and delete the old version, then install the new. Don’t worry; your dividers will remain. At the moment, we don’t have automatic updates. 

Can I Upload my Dividers and Icons?

Custom divider lines: No, you need to choose from what SVG Divider already offers, which is plenty. We use a peculiar design approach conforming to our ideas. Text-drawing dividers cannot be edited.

Icons: Yes, upload your SVG to Elementor’s native Icon system.

Does it Support Dark Mode?

Yes, the admin interface blends in with Elementor’s dark mode!

On this page, we use various dividers. It’s the fine separation between text blocks. Or the built-in button separating the larger sections. We also used the SVG Divider plugin in our page headers and in the footer!

Is it Mobile-friendly, Responsive, and Retina Ready?

Of course, by definition, SVG is Scalable Vector Graphics. The denser the pixels on a screen, the more beautiful they get. These have Elementor-style responsive controls:

  • Max Width
  • Gap
  • Scale %
  • Align

See what these are in the documentation!

How Heavy is the Plugin? What does it Load?

It inlines the single asset you chose along with its animations, and only where needed. Also, it loads a minified JS and a CSS file, each less than 1KB. We urge you to combine them with other scripts using a caching plugin.

What About RTL Support?

You can Flip/Mirror dividers. This also reverses their animation flow.

Do you Accept Criticism?

Found a glitch in the animations, a typo in the translations, an inconsistent setting, or a bug? We’d love to hear, so we can fix it!

Go Subtle

You don’t have to use aggressive coloring and huge dividers if that’s not your style. For example, look at this page! Our subtle, custom dashed grey lines are also made with this SVG Divider plugin.

Try Turning Off Glitter or Hiding the Primary Line

By changing the opacity of each of the two layers or even disabling the Glitter layer, you achieve different looks. Yes, you can show the Glitter on its own this way.

Crop Into the Middle

Using the ‘Max Width’ setting, isolate the middle portions of a drawn divider. This effectively turns it into an illustrative icon.

Hide the Lines of Classic

If you like our Let’s Go Icons or our Button/Text mechanisms but don’t need any lines, make them invisible. On this page, we actually did that for a heading.

Scale the Cropped Doesn't do Anything​

You’ll only see the effect of this setting when you set ‘Max Width’ below 960 and move the ‘Scale’ from 100%! Please read the documentation for more information.

Dividers Don't Show at All

If you are sure you haven’t accidentally turned its colors transparent, contact us, and we’ll investigate. In case an older device/OS has problems, please report it, we like to test on many platforms.

Animations Don't Play

If you are sure they should, then it’s likely an older browser, in which they fall back to static.

Top and Bottom Seems Cropped

Increase the ‘Gap’ setting. This is normal if you increased the proportions of a divider beyond native size.


Read our documentation & find what you’re looking for.

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